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I have got few questions about divorce/finance and child In Isalm


Aslam o Alikum. I have got few questions about divorce/finance and child

1. Under UK’s law my (ex)wife applied for divorce which is been granted 2 years ago. I haven’t given her Islamic divorce. Do I have to give her Islamic divorce or the marriage can be dislodged itself if we signed the English divorce papers under UK’s Law

2. My ex and her family are not letting me see my daughter and brain washing her against me. what does Islam says about that.

3. When we were getting divorce she technically black mailed to sell my property and took the money of the house of me. Also they haven’t returned the haq mehr money. What does islam says about these two situations.

4. Because they not letting me see my Daughter is it still my responsibility to provide for my daughter.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

1) You are still Islamically married. For the termination you must give her an Islamic divorce.

2) It isn’t ethical to do so. Also, it is the right of the father to see his children. According to Islamic laws, you must be allowed to see tour children.

3) Sorry this was not clear whether she took money or not
Mahr is the woman’s right. It belongs to her. Even if she is divorced

4) It is Wajib on the father to provide the Nafaqah of his child.

Naajiya Jaffery