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Muslim Not Believing in Hadith


Question is that I am Muslim my whole life but I do not believe in the Hadith. I reject the Hadith because I believe it is not from Allah.

Because Mohammad said: ما كنت بدعا من الرسل وما أدری ما يفعل بی ولا بكم إن أتبع إلا ما يوحى إلي وما أنا إلا نذير “I follow only what is revealed to me [from Allah] and I am only a clear warner.”

— Quran 46:9, revealed in Mecca. Question is if I believe only in Quran can I go to Janna?


Salaam alaikum

Belief in the Quran alone is not sufficient, since the Quran instructs us
to follow the Prophet and whatever he states and performs. Look at these

‘Whatever the Prophet does do and whatever he ordains you not to do you
must follow’ (59:7)

Hadith goes hand in hand with the Quran. Its is absolutely necessary for
the Muslim. This is agreed upon by majority and established Muslim
theological schools.

This is because hadith explains Quranic verses and sometimes is more
detailed. For example we do not have a single ayeh in the Quran that
explains the method of Salah (prayers). If we follow the Quran and reject
hadith, how do we pray?


Sheikh Muhammad Al Hilli