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Is it right to pray against someones passion


Assalam walaikum.
I hope this finds you in good health, and may Allah shower his countless blessings upon you.
I am currently going through a loss of love and dealing with a lot of pain emotionally.
I was in a haram relationship with this person whom i loved a lot and we both wanted to make it halal.
But decided to call it quits because of his career. He is deeply passionate about acting and wants to pursue a career in it. I decided marrying him would put a lot of emotional burden on me due to my possessive nature, since his career involves interacting with a lot of women; beautiful women. He wants to work for pakistani drama industry, and i’m not sure whether this career is haram or halal, some say it’s upon the person’s intentions etc. But I decided considering my nature and his career, if we get married, it would be a total clash, seeing him going around with girls, posing, making female friends would put me through a rollercoaster for life. And looking at the nature of his career, somethings are bound to happen. And me being a possessive person, was not ready to see him close to another girl (even if it’s just acting).
But the problem is, i still miss him deeply, and want to marry him (but his career is a wall between us). I secretly pray that Allah removes the love for acting in him, and brings him towards a better path.
Am I wrong for doing so? Am i wrong for praying against someone’s passion? Also am i wrong to ask allah to increase love for me in his heart or praying to allah that he leaves acting and approaches me in a halal way ie asking my hand in marriage? There is a lot of confusion regarding this within me, and i don’t know what to do. Please guide me, jazaakAllah.


Wa alaykum salaam

First of all I would like to say that despite being in a difficult situation you have acted very maturely and I congratulate you on your wise and logical decision. Usually in this age, youths generally tend to disregard the reality and follow their emotions resulting into long-term regret and misery.
Such decisions are very hard to make especially where emotions are involved but be assured that despite feeling pain now, this decision will save you from a lifetime of misery.

As far as Dua is concerned, Allah says in the Quran: “Call to Me and I will answer you”

Our duty is to ask for Halaal things from Allah and its upon His wisdom whether He grants our Dua immediately, after some time or else He has a better plan for us.

Therefore there is nothing wrong in asking Allah to give that which is in our best interests and trust Him to do what….. He knows what is the best for us.

Sukaina Taqawi.