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Is it prohibited to say jai shree ram

AssalamulaikumIs it prohibited to say jai shree ram. My Muslim friend was said to say that these words by our non Muslim friends not forcefully but in friendly manner and he chatted this words and I told him that these are not to say by a Muslim instead he to me its not prohibited. Can plz explain to in light of Quran and hadith are these good to say or not

Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

Saying it just like that wouldn’t be problematic if it is not for insulting or offending their Gods nor accepting their Gods or avatar of Vishnu to be superior to our one and only God, Allah, the Almighty.

In reality, we Muslims believe just Allah(swt) to be Glorious and the Only Creator of this world and do not believe in anyone else to be Glorious such as the idols or Hindus’ so called respected gods or avatar of Vishnu. So a Muslim doesn’t say it to show their religion or god to be superior or Glorious.


Syed Haider