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Answering A Non Muslim



A non Muslim class fellow posted these questions on my Facebook page. Do you recommend I should answer and if so can you give some guidance on the answers?

Wassalam. -Mughees

“A few questions that many non Muslims would like to have a answer to I think are:

1) Is it possible to leave Islam without fearing for ones life ?

2) Is owning a slave allowed for a Muslim ?

3) Can a female Muslim marry a non Muslim ?

4) Can you choose to be a Muslim or are you one at Birth ?

5) Is suicide permitted to Muslims ?

6) Is democracy compatible with Islam ?

7) From what age is it lawful for a female Muslim to Marry and have intimate relations ?

Did you ask these questions ? And did you get answers ?


1. One has to accept Islam with proper understanding and complete research. Quran 2:256 says: “there is no compulsion in religion”. However, Islamic countries do have their own rules and regulations regarding tackling such issues.

2. Not allowed in our contemporary world.

3. Not allowed. Even a male Muslim cannot marry Non Muslim based on obligatory precaution. The reason behind this is difference of opinion in how to live a common life under a single roof!

4. A person has to be a Muslim with full understanding.

5. Not allowed.

6. Yes, Of course.

7. One has to follow and obey the law of land where they want to register their marriage. It would differ from place to place and nation to nation.

For better understanding, I would suggest that you discuss these quires in details with your resident alim.

Kumail Rajani