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Guidance from 12th Imam – to Stop Oppression


Please can someone who is pious and knows the methods of communicating with the 12th Imam, find out from the 12th Imam (peace and blessings be with him), what tangible actions we need to make to overcome oppression and stop all these human rights violations?

Please can this be then told to us in the various languages on TV, via email and through sermons in centres.

Thanks and Salaams.


Waalaykum salam.

Indeed the world is in great need of the awaited Al-Mahdi more than ever. As we all know that Imam is under the major occultation and during these times it doesn’t mean that he is not present. In reality he is among us and is witnessing every single act taking place.

There are many authentic Traditions that send across the message that ‘if a person during the major occultation claims that he has either seen or spoken to the Imam is a liar!’
In that case if we have any Alim or Marja that claims so, our first duty as followers of Al-Mahdi is to deny the argument and falsify his saying.

By reading the above, a question may arise, what about other scholars who saw Al-Hujjah and it was known that they did? The answer is that it was only known that they did so after their death either through their writing or another person who also knew of the meeting or conversation as a witness.

Generally speaking, if an Alim claimed that he has seen the Imam and has a message for the mass, what is the guarantee and proof of his words? Because of such sensitivity, our responsibility was very well clarified and that is to deny any such argument during the major occultation .

Another very important thing that we are missing out on is that we are ready to listen to the direction of Imam via an Aalim or scholar. But why shouldn’t we work hard enough for his coming so that we follow direct orders? The only way this is possible is by eradicating the hurdles hindering his announcement. One out of many hindrances  is our sins! The more we sin the further his announcement moves. Our readiness by not sinning will make him announce himself and his revolution faster. (Mind you, I prefer using his announcing rather than his re-appearance because the latter makes him more missing than living. Our Imam is living among us so lets treat him like one..we should try and make him an active part of our life. We should be Imam-conscious for whatever we intend to do)

So what are we supposed to do about the oppression in the world right now? Just not sinning isn’t really solving it?!! To this our job is to voice out for the oppressed and let the world know of the oppressors. We.might feel everyone knows…but from experience and understanding there are still people who are living in a bubble. To help them know and learn about the oppression will only make us close to our Imam and help us remove the hurdles for the Major Revolution inshaAllah

In the end, I pray that this answered your query and that this little effort really gears all our attention to HIM and his Promised peace. Ameen

Allahumma ‘ajil liwaliyyikal faraj.