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Is it permissible to play murder mystery game like ‘Among Us’


Alslam Alykum Brothers,
Among us is a game which has the theme of “Murder Mystery”. The game is set in a spaceship (you need to fix it to win, by doing tasks) there is also a group of crew members (4-10 players they do the tasks) also there is, among them, an impostor (1-3 players and opposite of a crewmate) who want to sabotage the ship and kill everyone. The crewmates could also win by finding out who the impostor is, or stay away of him.
More info: That when you are a crewmate, it’s simple you go do your tasks to win or you could try to find the imposter (he fakes himself by doing fake tasks which doesn’t help the fixing the ship). The proplem I am having is that when you are imposter (you can be crewmate or imposter) you must fake that you are also a crewmate and you can do that by doing fake tasks. You can also lie about that someone else is a crewmate and you need to remove him off the ship. Is that allowed? Its a game keep in mind and the game allows that because it is the concept. Is it also Gossip? because you are making rumors that someone else is the imposter (not really you want them of to have higher chance of winning) If so how do I expiate for that? I can’t find them because I join random matches or play with random people via voice calls or can’t contact them. I also remember pointing the finger at two people while playing the game which made them angry and leave (I wasn’t sure since I was a crewmate and I thought they were Imposters Since you can discuss who is it and drop them of the ship) I also remember pointing the finger at someone who was innocent (I was imposter) Is it a lie? is it deception? is it gossip? I am unsure since I already said that it’s the games concept, so I am allowed to say and do these things, aswell as playing it.

I am sorry if my question was unclear/undetailed since it’s my first. Can you also give references?

Jazakallah Khayran


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question

4Question: Is it permissible to play games of chance of all kinds on electronic machines (computers) without betting or with betting?
Answer: It is not permissible to play it, if it involves betting. It is also not permissible to play it, without betting, if the game is considered in common views as means for gambling.

Question: Is it permissible to watch or engage in sports games?
Answer: It is permissible to engage in sports games with balls like football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, table tennis, handball, etc. It is also permissible to watch such games at the sports stadiums or on various displays and monitors with payment or without payment as long as that does not entail a Haram act, like looking with lust, or neglecting an obligation like prayer (Salat).

So according to the maraajis, games which are not allowed:
1- those that involve betting
2-those that entail a Haram act
3-those that ridicule religion
4-those which distort islamic beliefs
5-those which effect and involve a person’s mind
6-those which cause obstacles in a person’s spiritual and bodily growth.

Zahra Davdani.