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Women’s Voice Being Heard by Men.


1- Is it permissible for the woman who recite elegies (during mourning ceremonies) (and Islamic poems) to make her voice heard by stranger men (na-mahram) ? 2- Is it permissible for a na-mahram to listen to this woman’s voice? 3- Is it permissible to hear this voice unintentionally as for example when this sound comes from a women’s gathering (majlis) in the neighbourhood while he is at his home ?


1-    It is permissible for her to make her voice heard if it is exempt (deprived) from refinement and improvement which can cause desire.

2-    It is permissible to listen to this voice if he does not feel any carnal desire, or does not doubt that he might commit haram (religious prohibition/s)

3-    In state of doubt, it is better (moustahab) to act upon precaution, it is even better not to make one’ s voice heard (for a female) neither listen to a female voice (for a man) when it is not necessary.

Allah (swt) is the Protector.