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Is it permissible to give Aqiqa money to a needy?


Can i give the aqiqa money to someone needy?


Assalamo Alaikum wa rahmatullah

thanks for your question

The aqiqah is sunnah and mustahabb. aqiqah is the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice with its own rituals (like not breaking the bones of sacrifice). Imam Sadiq a.s replied in response to a question: “‘Would alms giving (equal to the price of aqiqah) be sufficient instead of aqiqah?’” with the answer that: ‘No, it wouldn’t be sufficient; Allah likes giving food and submission to his will.’

Also as we can see in the dua of aqiqa the bone and flesh of the sacrifice is instead of the child ( it is a sacrifice for the child), so giving money won’t suffice and doesn’t has the same effect.


sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi