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is it permissible to facilitate nikah without family or wali


My parents do not arrange for my Nikah with a religious person. Me and that person never had any illicit relationship. He gave me the word that he would ask my father to facilitate our Nikah which he did but my family refused. He has very good lineage and is the son of an Islamic teacher. The reason my parents give is that he is from middle class, backward region, has no high paid job and that his father does not have a high paid job as well. Instead they are arranging for my wedding to get me married to a very rich man but without my consent. They argue that it is a matter of pride and dignity and if they get me married to a person who is son of a low paid man then the society would laugh at my parents. I find all this very unreasonable and unislamic. Im a practicing woman and all I dream of is to live with this person for the sake of a better Akhira. I also refuse having extravagant wedding where a huge amount is spent. But that kind of a wedding is what my family is arranging for. Is it permissible for me to leave my family and ask the consent of the Qaadi to facilitate my Nikah if no one from my paternal side is willing to be my Wali? will that Nikah be valid if there are witnesses from both sides and a Qaadi being my Wali? Is it wise to leave my family if they not at all give permission to marry that person to me?


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
Any Nikah without the consent of the Girl is invalid!
And also, a girl can not marry without the consent and permission of her father or paternal grandfather. The Nikah will not be Valid.
The best solution will be to speak to an Aalim or an elderly who your family would listen to.
InshaAllah that your problem is solved


Naajiya Jaffery