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Eating non veg in islam


Assalam alaykum I am a born muslim and since childhood we used to eat non veg in our family till today but all of a sudden a qusetion came into my mind that do i have a right to eat a animal which is allah creation just for my taste for a minute i felt bad for animals and thought of turning into vegeterian but then again it is said that a muslim must eat non veg with in a 6 month of gap i searched you tube for this topic and heard mufti menks lecture but it was about halal food i couldnt find proper answer for this although eid ul azha is different thing that is must but beside that does a human being have a right to eat a animal which is offcourse halal but just for taste what does shariyat says about this??


Alaykum Salaam.

Islam’s inclination to ingesting meat is an important dietary advice to Muslims and a prescription to healthy life. Animal products have been researched to have powerful vibratory frequencies, healthy and nutritious. But consumption of meat is not obligatory. Hence, a person has a choice to become vegetarian.

In the Qur’an Allah clearly states that He created the cattle for human benefit and consumption:

What! Do they not see that We have created the cattle for them, of what our hands have wrought, and of them, they are the masters? And, We subjected unto the cattle, and some of them they ride upon, and some of them they eat. And for them, in them are benefits and drinks. What! Will they not be grateful? (al-Qur’an – Chapter 36, Verses 71-73)

From the above Ayah we can understand the following:

– Allah (swt) has given us right to benefit from the animals and at the same time has asked us to take preventive measure of not abusing them. There are numerous narrations where it is emphasized how a person should take care of the rights of animals.

– God has created cattle for men, in which there is a sign of God.

– Cattle have been made for man to ride on and to serve as food and for various other advantages.

The Infallible (AS) have said: Of all the foods in the heaven and the earth, which can be taken with bread, meat is the best. Eating meat increases the growth of flesh and increases energy significantly.

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