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Is it permissible to become a professional wrestler?


Is it halal for ne to become a pro wrestler if I observe all of the Islamic principles and rules such as I will cover up my awrah by wearing jeans and a vest , I will not use music with instruments in it rather I will just use a tune made up by voice only, I will not participate in any inter-gender matches and my last concern according to the hadith hitting on face is not permissible bit as you know professional wrestlers pretend to hit on face and in actually they don’t hit at face at all , or even if they do so they hit very lightly which doesn’t hurt at all. So if I observe all islamia principles and rules is it permissible to become a professional wrestler?


Alaykum Al-Salam

Wrestling is not haram by itself. However, observing islamic rules in this sport is very difficult because not just hitting on the face is haram, harming any human being is haram. If you can observe these rules the sport itself is not haram.
Best regards!
Sheikh Madani.