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As salam alai kum.

I know that we shouldn’t attend namaz e janaza of certain people like (Munafiq, Magicians, etc) but my question is. Is it permissible to ban someone (Munafiq or Magicians etc) from attending a funeral? I have heard that they have been banned from normal prayers but can’t find any reference for janaza. My uncle (Mom’s brother) grabbed all the inheritance after my grandfather died, my mom asked but he refused. He has even played tricks on our family for years and tried taking all the benefits. Due to this our family was unable to get the benefit of huge inheritance for over 40years. He is really a bad man. If my mother dies, can I prevent him from attending my Mother’s funeral? is there any reference can you provide.


Waalaykum salaam.

No,they aren’t banned from participating in a funeral.

Also you cannot refrain or stop your uncle to participate in,say, your mum’s funeral. Unless your mum makes a ‘wasiyah’ I.e. specifically states in her will that she doesn’t wish her brorher to participate in her Funeral.

Hope this was useful.