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Is it permissible in Islam that I talk to the sister of the boy , and ask her to forward my xyz messages to the boy ?


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu , I’m 19 years old and I’m a born muslim alhumdulillah , I wasn’t practicing Islam I was but not by my heart , but since past few months I started practicing Islam and I feel like maybe now I’m a muslim that I wasn’t before alhumdulillah ,so before understanding the right way I had a relationship with a boy when I got closer to Islam I broke up with him and left him with a promise that I will marry him Only , the boy is also practicing Islam alhumdulillah , I told my mother about him she didn’t give me any response and told me to stay away from these things , when the boy told his mother and sistersthey are ready to accept me as their daughter in law , so since my mother didn’t give any response and in the future I’ll try again to talk to her and will make her accept the boy in sha Allah , so my question was is it permissible in Islam that I talk to the sister of the boy , and ask her to forward my xyz messages to the boy ?


Alaikum Salam Wa Rahmatullah Sister.

Its good that you have become a practising Muslim. You must be well aware of the laws one needs to follow in Islam in all phases of life including the one you’re facing presently with this boy.
By having spoken to your parents about this issue, you took the first step in making them aware that you need to get married. If they haven’t shown any interest, try approaching some other elder member of the family who could help you solve the matter by explaining your mother about your situation.
You should also remember not to get carried away in your choice of selecting a suitable partner of life and it could be that your parents are refusing this match for you because they know certain things you might not. Clarify this with them before deciding to get married.
On the other hand, the boy should also do his part and explain his parents to propose you in the right way. You can talk to his sister about this and ask her to intervene by allowing this marriage to happen.
However, Islamic Sharia doesn’t allow you to communicate in the manner that you pass messages to him through his sister.
Be sure that she will do her part, and if its for your goodness, it will happen inshAllah.

Salma Alavi.