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Is it permissible for me to sit in mixed gatherings with females, as long as such a gathering is devoid of sins such as Alcohol and music ??


Salam alaykom
I live in Sweden and here at work we have both females and males working and it is normal that they sit together at lunch to eat and talk. Is it permissible for me to also sit with them, as long as such a gathering is devoid of sins such as Alcohol and music and I am sure I won’t look with a illicit look at those women without hijab?

Are jokes that come up naturally during discussions fine as long as they are not about something sexual/bad topic and don’t lead to any other sin? Considering it would be disrespectful to just ignore or be quiet. Or is any kind of joke between opposite genders haram in itself according to Sayyed Sistani? If yes, is it as a precaution (ihtiyat) and can one refer to the next most knowledgeable marja in this issue?


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

According to Ayatollah Sistani there is no problem is participating in such gatherings as long as there is no intention of  lust and without any threat of corrupting morality.


Question: Can I be in a friendly relationship with a girl in my class.

Answer: All kinds of relations with a non-mahram including joking, expressing mutual love, talking with the intention of deriving pleasure, looking at the body of a girl (except her face and hands up to the wrists) and at her hair or looking at her face with pleasure are Haram (forbidden). In fact, if it is feared that they might fall into a sin, it is forbidden for them to have any kind of relationship with each other.

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