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Is it our Duty as a Muslim to kill people claiming to be prophets ?


assalam o alaikum! i would like to ask that many people on facebook and other social media claim to be false prophets and according to what little knowledge i have about the sahaba, hazrat aboubakkar siddique (RA) killed the person who claimed to be prophet after prophet Muhammad(S.A.W)…. therefore what should we do in this age of modren technology? i know my question is a little unclear…. but i feel realy bad after all our Prophet (s.a.w) did for us and these people claim to be false prophets with no sense of anything and us not being able to do anything about it… so in this case what is my duty as a muslim?


Alaykum Al-Salam
the kiling of false prophets is the duty of the Islamic government and no individual to do it. This level of Enjoining good and forbidding wrong (amr be maroof and nahi anil munkar) is not in the hand of individuals.
Also there are many level before it and it is not like by the first sight you can kill the false prophets.
Our duty towards such phenomenons is to answer them with good reasoning and help others to do not be fooled by them.

Best regards!
Sheikh Madani.