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Is it okay for a girl to move to a different country just for your career?


Asalamalaikum! I am a 26 year old single girl who lives with her parents. I am planning to move countries for a better future and my parents support me in the decision. I have a marriage proposal but nothing seem to be working out on that part, and my parents not being too social, are unable to find me any other. I am not someone that can go out and look for a proposal myself so I have let my parents made that decision. My question is, is it okay to move to a different country just for your career? The thing is, the society makes it seem like a sin unless the girl leaves parents for marriage which is a common norm. I do feel guilty at times, but my parents wont be alone. They are both healthy Alhamdulillah and I have brothers that are there with them. I just want to know if I will be committing any sin by moving away just for myself and for better future when I have a choice to stay back. Marriage may not be on the cards for me given that I have certain physical disabilities which means that the girl becomes undesirable but I don’t want to waste away my life and live off of my father’s income. I want to do something for myself. I ultimately plan to call my parents there as well but it will take time. Kindly let me know what Islam says about this?


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question.

Islam does not restrict women from pursuing their career as long as she stays within the islamic boundaries.
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