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Is it obligatory to disclose during nikha that the bridge is a divorcee?


My friend wants to marry a girl who has taken khula before (Nikah broken).
Now during nikah nama is it compulsory to write “Khula” in question that “Kya larki kunwari hai ya mutalqa ya bewa” ?
or is it fine according to shariah that they could write it down “Virgin/Kunwari” ?
They don’t to tell expose this to other relatives that girl is divorced.


Salaamun Alaykum

Khula is a specific term used for a type of divorce taken by the woman whereby she pays a sum to the man in order for a divorce to take place.
Nikah broken in your question is very vague and so I’m not sure whether you have intended one thing but used a specific term.
However, if the lady was previously married and not a virgin, but claims to be one – two problems arise.
1. She has lied.
2. The marriage can be annulled immediately by the new husband.

If the question is that the new husband is aware the lady is not a virgin but they wish others not to know – then they are not obliged to disclose that to anyone as this is a matter between just the husband and wife.

Abu Jawaad