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Care For Parents


My husbands parents live in Pakistan. My husband and I live in the UK. My husband would like to call his father, step mother and younger brother to live with us. I do not feel comfortable with this.

My husband says it is his obligation to care for his parents which I agree but does this mean they live with us? Please advise?

Is it obligatory for a son to invite his parents and younger brother to live with him when his wife does not wish for this to happen?


Alaykum Salaam

If his parents are in need of his support then he must assist them, whether in the UK or Pakistan. It is not necessary that they must live with you. It is not clear from your email why you are uncomfortable with their presence in your house. It is best to discuss the situation frankly before they come and perhaps they can live in a separate accommodation when they come over.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer