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Necessity of Financial Independence for Muslim Women


My family constantly degrades me and taunts me because I am 27 years old and I am not independent. I do not earn and all my expenses are to be taken care of by my father. Am I a bad woman or a loser human being? My sister recently shouted at me and told me that I should be independent and earn, so that I can do what I want with my money.

The only problem I have with working is – people. People have become very money oriented. They are rude and mean and to be honest I am not strong enough to handle my boss screaming at me and insulting me for any reason. I am scared to face the world and put my ideas through – people are not sweet enough to listen, they scrutinize you.

If I opt for homebased work – my sister says that I am hiding from this world. Home based work gives less money. I don’t understand what to do. Am I really a loser because I don’t earn and for everything I need my parent’s money? Is it a bad thing in Islam to be this old and live your father’s money? Am I so bad that I can not live peacefully unless I start working?


Muslim woman is allowed to work and earn living so long as she is able to maintain Islamic boundaries. A typical example of a working woman is the beloved wife of the holy prophet  Bibi Khadijah (as).

If any member of your family such as father, brother etc out of his or her free will is happy to provide and look after you, there is nothing wrong with that. Be rest assured you are not bad as they claim.

You are free to decide which type of work ( lawful) to do irrespective of the amount of money you are earn. Your father is happy and so no worries. You deserve to live peacefully.

Note that your sisters are not bad for insisting on you. It’s only out of love and take try to take it positive. Approach it in a positive way and Insha Allah they will stop degrading you and insisting.

Nuru Mohammed