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Is it haram to write fictional stories?


I have an aspiration to write stories and I don’t know if it is haram. My stories may be completely fictional or based on history such as the pre islamic era or a countries history and they may also one day be used for movies. Can I write stories specifically for movies? Where is the line drawn between haram and halal?


Assalamu Alaykum 

Thank you for your Question
Writing story is a great skill and much needed in the Islamic world.
You can write stories as you wish as long as you’re not indulging into haram. For instance, attributing something to God that HE is not, or the Masum (as), compromising the Islamic teachings, etc
Haram is as known,  is Haram! So in any case should you come across a thought that goes against the Teaching of Islam, you must refrain from it.
Hope this helps
Good luck!

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Naajiya Jaffery