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is it enough that husband accepted islam for wife happiness


Asalamualikum My husband was a Hindu before we got married, we went to the mosque with meh to convert so we can get married. He is willing to pray, fast and go to mosque. He never says No to any kind of practice. He is a great human being, a very caring friend, son, brother & husband. Respects all religions & never say anything against anyone’s beliefs. Me on the other hand, I want him to accept Islam from his heart. Because he says that he listens to me, pray, fast and converted to Islam for my sake & so I will be in peace of mind. I really really want him to see the truth & practice Islam the We Muslim do. My question is, Is that good enough that has accepted Islam even if it’s for my sake of happiness? Second question, if it is not good enough then What do I do to make that happen? Thank you

Alaikum salam.
Your husband is still considered a Muslim even if it be your your sake that he converted.  If however he later on said he was lying or in other places proclaimed that he isn’t, then he is no longer considered as a Muslim.
It would be ideal if he would love the practices of Muslims and accepted that from the heart.  The best thing for you to do is to show him through your actions more than your words, of how great a real Muslim is.
Islamic practices are all acts of worship that anyone would be inclined to do if they studied the depth of the them like praying for instance, which is actually a secret conversation with Allah.
You can introduce some books on line and or listen to lectures on Tawheed, once he know the LORD. slowly after this you can introduce things like philosophy of praying, fasting, charity, Hajj and so forth.  A pure heart will accept and feel more than happy to perform these practices if he or she knew the secrets behind it.
InshAllah with time and prayers, your husband will become a faithful Muslim like the way Allah Himself wants for all His servants.  May Allah guide all of us in the same path too.
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Under the guidance of Salma Alavi