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Is it allowed Islamically for husband to stop his wife from talking to my parents, friends and family…


Assalamualikum. I want to ask something which really concerns me. My Husband is a very strict person. I am not allowed to do work or study further. I am also not allowed to go out and meet my friends. He has also asked me to cut off my friends from the phone. He has also asked me to stop talking to my parents. He wants that I call them from his phone only. We are from Pakistan he works in the USA so after marriage I am staying with him in the US. I have no friends or acquaintances here. also I have stopped talking to my old friends. I feel so alone and depressed. Is my Husband’s behaviour normal? What does Islam have to say about this?


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question

In Islam, husband and wife are recommended to care for each other’s needs, feelings, etc.

Islam doesn’t stop you from talking to your parents nor is your husband allowed to stop you from talking to them.

In order to avoid conflicts, it would be better if you find a way of communicating with your parents and family without letting him know. Meanwhile, try and gain his confidence and help him to change his behaviour. There must be a reason behind his behaviour.

If possible take advice from a psychologist or an Aalim near you to help your husband.

Sukaina Taqavi