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Is it a sin to expose myself infront of the doctor for treatment purpose ?



I need help. The problem I’m facing is I have developed Psoriasis ( skin disease ) and it’s affecting my genital too.

Now, I know its a sin to expose yourself in front of Na mehram. However, if I see a doctor they’ll look at it. What to do?


Waalykum al-salam

Thank you for your question

It is haram to expose one’s private part to anyone, except one’s spouse.

If it is for medical purposes, then you must reveal the affected part so that only the needed area is shown and nothing beyond that. However, this is only possible with the same-gender doctor.

However, If there is no same-gender doctor for the specialization, and the patient needs immediate care for the problem then it is no problem. It is better that the doctor monitors through a monitor or a mirror so that direct looking is not involved.

hope this helps,