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Is istikhara time bound, or does one istikhara hold true forever?


As Salam Alaikum,

I am trying to understand istikhara ruling for marriage purposes. Both I and girl’s side did Istikhara before starting conversation in August of this year. Both of our Istikharas’ outcome was really good. During our discussion and to the extent possible to learn about each other before marriage, we found good compatibility between us and lot of common ground. When it came to final stages, one of the sides decide to take another istikhara, and it came out negative. The second istikhara was done by same Aalim as the one who did it the first time.

Can you please advise what does Islam say about this issue, and what is the right step forward here? Is istikhara time bound, or does one istikhara hold true forever? It will be great if you can advise your response of Ayatullah Khamenei’s rulings as the girls side are in their taqleed.



Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question,

In this case, there was no need and there isn’t any further need for Isitkhara. Istikhara is only made when one has failed to incline towards accepting something or denying it at a 50-50 ratio. Not even 51-49, because, in this case, the person will be advised to incline towards the 51%

Istikhara is the last option a person should turn to, after failing all other options like, Using one’s own knowledge and mind, getting advice etc.

Hence, in your case, regardless of whose taqlid you do, as long as you find yourself compatible with one another, then please proceed with this noble act. And Allah will bless it abundantly insha’Allah

Hope this was useful.