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Is intimacy condition for nikkha


Dear sir, With due respect i would like to ask you and seek your guidance. Sir i have been in love with a girl and i want to turn our relationship into a halal relation by performing nikaah but i can’t make my nikaah official and involve our families yet. It will take me few years to involve both of our families. So my question is that if we do not have any intimacy after nikaah for few years and stay separately so will our nikaah be still valid? Or is intimacy a condition for nikaah to be valid? Regards. Ahmad


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
If the girl is virgin, then it is compulsory to have her fathers permission for Nikah. If not, the Nikah is invalid.
Just for your information, Intimacy is not the condition for a Nikah to continue.

Kind regards.

Naajiya Jaffery