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Is it His Duty to Marry Me?


As-salamu alaykum.

I have a partner with whom I did a Mutah so we could be together without being married. We are both Shia’s and he encouraged me for Mutah so we could engage in least kissing without making the whole act haram. But then I got an STD from him called Herpes. Not because he was unfaithful but because he got the herpes through a very traumatic past experience. We are both still together but the only issue is his family. He made me meet his mother but she said it is too soon to say anything about me. And his family might say no to me which is likely.. But I believe that this is my partner’s responsibility.. To marry me and his duty as well because of our Mutah and that I have gotten a disease through him which will make me non desirable and non pure for other men..

Please tell me if what I believe is right and if it is actually the man’s responsibility to make our marriage happen?


Alaykum Salaam,

Herpes is curable, so that should not be the main reason for you to get into a permanent relationship with him. It does not make him obliged to marry you on the long term, either. If the values of you two are similar to the point that both of you are ready to live harmoniously for the rest of your lives in a marital relationship, then fine.
You also need to consider the fact that his family does not seem willing to have you. is he ready to support you whatever the situation may be at his house?