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Is God an Egoistic?


My Question: Is God an Egomaniac? He created Angels and Humans so they may worship Him. Especially Angels, who are bowing before him since beginning. It’s like God is programming people to find their greatest happiness in Him, which is mean, manipulative and wrong. Why does he praises Himself over and over?

I know it may sound wrong, sir. But I’m a Muslim. I wholeheartedly want to worship him. But since I started having these thought, I find it very hard to see someone doing ruku or sajdah in front of him. I’m ashamed of myself, but why only I’m having these thoughts which I don’t want? I’ve been living in depression for last 4 years. Please help me to understand. I’ve not even told it to anyone so they may not start having these feelings about God.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, please know there is no shame in having questions or doubts, lingering in this level could be harmful for our faith though, so it important to search and find the answer.
The short answer is no, we believe that Allah swt is the best and has all of the best qualities in the highest level; egomaniac is a person who is obsessively egotistical or self-centred. the reason for creating humans and angels is not just to worship him even though by worshiping him and getting closeness to Allah swt we achieve the purpose of our life. the reason for creation on God’s behalf is his greatness (imagine a great artist without any art! if a person claims to be the greatest artist s/he must have the greatest art as well, so Allah is the best the creating is the requisite of his greatness). another point which is very important here is that there is an ethical point which only one true goodness as there is one bad in general; there is good vs bad/evil, right vs wrong etc. so as a concept good and right is one thing even that might have different subjects and example but the core concept is not different (ethic philosophers has different opinions about this core like pleasure, beefit etc. but it is an accepted fact that the concept of good is one thing), we believe that Allah swt is the ultimate source of every goodness because he has the virtue of goodness on highest possible level.
This shows that why we must worship Allah swt and obey him, because by doing so we get closer to him and since he is the source of all great attributes by getting closer to we gain more and more of these great attributes as well (like getting close to a heat source in a cold weather), so Allah swt gets nothing out of our worship like what he mentioned in Quran(14:8); although angels unlike humans: don’t have carnal desires, hence their worship and obedience of Allah swt is not misguided by temptations and desires but that doesn’t mean they are programmed to do so, that is why humans worship has more value than angels worship.
Hope it was helpful

Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi