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Is freelancing (academic writing) allowed in Islam?


Is freelancing allowed in Islam referring to the academic writing where you do assignments for students especially in the light of two factors;

1. Students cheat/deceive teachers by presenting the work of others.
2. Rich students get good grades by buying the services of the third party and poor students may be affected due to relative grading.

Also, some people say that freelancing allows students to focus on more necessary subjects while getting the job done by others for less important or easy subjects etc.

Please guide me according to Hanafi Fiqh.


Salaamun alaykum.
I am sorry but because i am a shia, i can only give you the ruling according to the shia sect, as for the hanafi ruling, you will have to ask the respected scholar.
If the person one hires is just helping out in the research, then freelancing is fine but if he/she is writing the whole research then it is not allowed especially if it is against the school/university rules as well.

Zahra Davdani.