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Forced Nikkah On A Man


is nikkah valid on a man who was forced into it because of family? the man refused, however , his sister who’s married into the family he refused to marry into was threatened to be divorced by her husband, and kicked out of the house without her children. The man, because of his sister, and his sisters children had to do nikkah. His intension was not to marry the girl. It was an act of zulm, is the nikah valid? His sister didnt want the divorce and didnt want to be seperated from her young children, the other party black mailed the man and basically made him do it.


Salamun Alaykum

This is a difficult situation and requires local mediation. On the one
hand, no one can be forced to marry against their wishes as such a nikah
is not valid. However, has that truly happened in this case? This remains
to be determined by a local scholar/elder who speaks to the man. There is
the added problem that if he divorces her or the marriage is annulled the
situation with his sister will probably get worse.

It is best for him to make a genuine attempt to make a life with his wife
– she is probably not to blame for the behaviour of her family.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer