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Forced Marriage


my question is i have been married by force by my parents on the basis of emotional blackmailing. i didnt accept this nikaah from my heart. even while signing and saying qabool hai. please my life has become a misery. i want a way out of it. i hate that guy. i can never see him as my husband. please guide me how can i file for divorce ??


Salaam Alaykum , Sister.

Kindly refer to the following rulings in this link –
Marriage and Divorce
…..The woman and the man should be willing to enter into a matrimonial
alliance. If, however, the woman ostensibly displays hesitation while
giving her consent, but it is known that in her heart, she is agreeable to
the marriage, the marriage is in order. (end portion of ruling no. 2379)

Ruling numbers 2382 and 2383 provided in the same link are also points of

As per the above conditions of validity of nikah, your nikah is invalid
and there is no need to file for divorce.