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Unwilling Engagement


Im a girl from peshawar pakistan and I am in nikaah from past 2years, it was a force nikaah.My family forced me for this nikaah, i was not ready to marry him, he torture my family that i will do suicide if u didnt give your daughter to me.

Later on they arranged my engangnment and they ask me for nikah to do it now and rukhsati(marriage) will be after some years. I was not agreed for nikaah but they did forcely still i am virgin in nikaah.

Now i am in love with Someone else, he is ready to marry me, but my husband will never give divorce because he is a typical pashtoon. So what should i do now ?I have some option in my mind please answer for this.

1. If ever i tell to my husband that i wants divorce he will arrange marriage plans.

2. So i dont wants to tell him because he will shoot me and as well as my lover, now i wants to go foreign with my lover should i wait for the divorce, beacuse if i am in foreign he will not harm us.

3. Is there any way to break this nikah without my husband permision because i didnt accept him ever, so what should i do now ?


Alaykum Salaam

Any marriage contract (nikah) that is performed without the two parties completely willing is not valid.

The Sharia is clear that you cannot be forced into a marriage against your will.

However, I am concerned that you mention about the danger to your life as
well as that of the man you want to marry.

This is a very difficult situation and you need to discuss it with your
parents and other senior members in your family before doing anything.

With duas

Abbas Jaffer