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is Facial Surgery permissible


Hi, I’m turning 19 this year and i wanna know whether it’s permissible for me to attempt facial surgery?

Backstory: Since i was a little girl, I’ve always been insecure about the way i look. I clearly remember people’s commentary about my face. what’s wrong with my face? it’s asymmetrical. more specifically, the things that really bothers me are my eyes and nose. my eyes are not symmetrical as one is higher than the other/not leveled and one’s smaller than the other. i was born with one monolid and one double eyelid. i remember when i was little, my friend said that one of my eye is smaller than the other and then continuing doing a facial expression by squinting one of her eye so that it would resemble me. and that happened when i was around 10. that left a huge mark on me. and then there’s my nose. I’d describe my nose as a nose that has a weak nose bridge/no bulbous tip and if you look it from a downward angle, it looks like a hemisphere rather than a triangle just like how other people have. when i was 14, my friends were talking about my nose and asking questions about it which made me insecure but i didn’t show it, she later on touched my nose to feel it and she said that i don’t have a ‘bone’ on my nose bridge/tip of my nose and she concluded that’s why my nose is shapeless/big. other people have made their criticism on it, telling me that it’s big, weird and made it seem as abnormal to them. those two things really made me feel so self-conscious about myself. i hate going out and even wearing the hijab because it somehow accentuates the face and mine is so asymmetrical. it somehow led to my depression as i was diagnosed with the mental condition when i was 15 and took prescriptions up until now. so, what’s your opinion on my case? can i do surgery on the parts that i mentioned? will i go to hell if i do so? will Allah hate me? thank you for your attention and time.


Assalamu alaykum

Allah help You with your situation inshaAllah

It is difficult to deal with people who do not understand and know the method of approaching others. Anyhow, this shouldn’t put you down my sister in Faith.

I would really suggest you Seek some counselling and also get some medical attention on your issues,

Pls refer to the link below to a Question just like yours.


The above also shows you are not the only one.

Also, I find it wise to mention that Hijab is your ornament that you  are trying to keep away from your self. Just like you’re worried not to get into haram by doing a surgery on your self (which it’s not!), I wonder why you would like to simultaneously do another haram to solve the same?!

Best wishes,
Sayyid Shabbar