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Qurbani (Sacrificing an Animal)


Assallamu alaikum

my question is about giving kurbani this year. Every year my mother my sister and I both give a cow for sacrifice at eid to my village back home however this year the prices are ridiculously high and we can not afford it. Also I think some family members are causing problems. As we cannot afford it and cannot trust anyone back home to do it what should I do? We can afford to give a sheep or something but I don’t know what the rulings are. Would we have to give a sheep each or altogether give one in the name of the prophet, peace be upon him.

Or OK the Islamic channels there are ways you can give a certain donation and have a share in one cow but then again would we each have to give one share or altogether give one share??


Salamun Alaykum

Unless you are performing Haj, the Eid Qurbani is Mustahab and not wajib.

Therefore you can sacrifice any animal if you wish but it is not compulsory

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer