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Business Ideas – Beauty


I am thinking of business. Is it halal business if I perform permanent hair removal on face for female? Especially if she finds those hairs are dark and thick and embarrassing? What about other areas of face and body? I don’t know if she wants to do for beauty or for embarrassment for other parts of body say abdonen or bikini line or chest. I am not sure this is all halal income?

Other business my friend wants to know is beauty academy where she train people in eyelash extensions, threading eyebrows, makeup, waxing and other beauty. They get certificate in end.basically how to beautify themselves and maybe they can open business doing this beauty services. Is it halal income since propogating beauty is not allowed in islam?



Permanent hair removal in itself is permissible. Beautifying some one
else is permissible on all body parts except for the bikini and bikini
line. The intention of being beautified is the responsibility of the
client not the beautician. Thus income of a beautician is halaal.

As for your friend, she can train others (ladies) to become beauticians,
which is permissible so long as the private parts (specified above) are
not exposed.
Islam discourages beautifying yourself or others with the intention of
attracting the opposite gender or other prohibited action/s, otherwise it
is halaal.