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Is court marriage equal to nikha


I got married to my husband in court so that he can get his papers in America. Me and him never did nikha and now we have gotten divorced in court. I want to know is court marriage equal to nikha? If I already got divorced in court do I also have to get divorced the religious way as well?


Al-Salam Alaykum

In your Question information,  (may be in error) your gender is registered as a male getting married to another male which is not valid in Islam and one of the GREATEST sin in Islam. so if this information is right you are not a couple and your marriage is not valid.

Any way, if you are a male and a female getting married I must mention, Muslims must follow their Fiqh rules and marry according to the Islamic ruling, but at the same time respect the country which they are living in. So, you must get married according to Fiqh rules and register it in the court or whatever the law is ordering you.

For precaution do a divorce according to Figh (if you had a Fiqhi Nikah) and if you want to get back together you must do the Fiqhy Nikah.

Best regards!
Sayyid Madani