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Is competitive video games allowed in Islam


Is competitive video games allowed in Islam? If playing isn’t wasting your time, or causing your skip namaz. Even if there is music you can always turn it off. But what about killing in video games, sometimes we have to kill AI (artificial intelligent) generated humans, robots etc. Is it allowed? I know music and nudity isn’t allowed in video games but what about killing AI generated humans etc like in PUBG game. Thanks.


Wa alaykum salaam

If playing such video games is not leading to a haram action such as those mentioned, then it is not going to be considered haram. That said, we must be aware of the negative effects of such games for example wasting time that could have been spent in a productive manner, or developing aggressive and violent tendencies due to constant exposure to violence.

In a beautiful hadith from Imam Ali (a) narrated in Nahj al-Balaghah, it is said that “The heart is the book of the eye.” This means that everything we see has an effect on our heart.

May Allah give us the tawfiq to protect our heart and act in a manner that He would be happy with.