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Nifaas Bleeding


I bled during nifaas for forty days (it was very light towards the end, just spotting). After a week of staying clean, I started bleeding again (bright red like a period). I just want to know whether this is my period or not?

Should I be praying?


Nifas cannot be regarded for 40 days. it should be according to habit of
haydh (if habitual) or 10 days if one does not have the habit of haydh
(duration). Beyond that, the bleeding has to be regarded as istihadha and
ibadaat to be performed after necessary taharah rules have been observed

Your next bleeding if it has fallen during the time when you would expect
haydh (in the case of habit of time) then it is to be regarded as haydh.

If the bleeding is outside of your habit or if you don’t experience habit
of time, then the signs of the bleeding as per described in the Tawdheehul
Masaail, have to be considered.