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Is being homosexual a sin


I am gay however I don’t blame Allah for this because if he made people gay, it wouldn’t be a sin. However I am gay and I didn’t chose to be gay. No one choses to be attracted to a specific gender, feelings come themselves. I always liked girl’s things rather than boys and when I look back to my earliest age, I always wanted to be a girl. I always loved dresses and makeup. However as I’ve grown, I hate homosexuality. I am disgusted by gay people, even the word gay and I hate myself, however I can’t change myself. My feelings are not in my control. I don’t want Allah to hate me. I don’t want to be punished for this as I am struggling as much as I can. Am I constantly at sin for being gay? I have never been in relationship and I don’t want to either. I don’t want to get married and ruin an innocent woman’s life, do I have to get married? I hate being gay.



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It is not harram to have desires but the implementation of these desires in to practice are not prescribed by our religion. Furthermore, marriage with the opposite gender and bearing a child is the fruition of your life, despite any emotional bias you may have towards the same gender.

In terms of marriage, there is no need to feel like you are going to ruin her life. Simply follow the Islamic teachings and fulfill her obligations. Treat her well, give her food and shelter according to her status, speak well to her and she will inshallah give you her heart and your relationship will grow. Seek counselling from Islamic Scholars on marriage. Know your obligations and fulfill them.

All the best.


Syed Samer Hakim