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Is Allah (swt) aware of hidden things vs modern science.


It is mentioned in the Quran that hidden things knows Allah, one of them is the sex of child in woman’s womb. But modern science can tell us this. What is the Islamic explanation of this? I am really at loss about this matter.


Wa alaikum al-salam

The ayah that your referring to is the last ayah of surah al-Loqman. there has been different answers for your question though, here we mention two of them:
in this ayah Allah s.w.t says that “…and He knows what is in the wombs…” so he knows what not whom or which; there is a great difference between these words. if ayah said which or whom it could be interpreted for sex of the child but ayah says what, which can has different meanings but defiantly is not excluded in gender of the child:
1. Allah s.w.t know what; which is a lot more than just sex of the foetus and includes all of its characteristics; is it gonna be handsome or not, generous or not, ends up in heaven or hell, rich or poor, well mannered or not etc. Allah s.w.t knows all about it.
2. Allah s.w.t knows what is the sex of the sperm is gonna be. modern science can tell us after a while about the sex of the child but this ayah says Allah knows that from the beginning.

Sheikh Mosseibi