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Is a Muslim woman allowed to marry a revert?


I have met a man in which I have fallen in love with, he was Christian when we first approached my father but also had much interest in the religion but wanted to learn and develop in the religion with myself, now he has converted and we are ready to go back to my family and ask for the chance to marry, Is this allowed? Is there a certain amount of time we have to know one another before getting married and signing our papers?

Salams Sister.

According to the Islamic law, one can marry a Christian if they have converted their faith to Islam. Ofcourse you have to keep sure other necessary requirements are met also, e.g. Regarding the permission and consent of the father or guardian.
With spouse selection, you have to give it a good deal of thought before entering into the marriage contract. The right intention of getting married and the criteria of the marriage should be given a good deal of consideration i.e.. Faith and good actions. Compatibility between the boy and the girl is also a major factor to enhance a peaceful marriage.
Time is indeed an important factor in making the right decision.
It’s very good if you seek advice from an elderly about the prospects of marriage and the challenges you might have to face in the future also and to study this from different angles so that you don’t end up regretting after making your decision.

Praying for your success

Salma Alavi.