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Forced Divorce


I am a second wife my husband was forced to divorce me by his wife and his brothers he had no intention of divorcing me but they threatened to tell his mother so he signed and they told his mother anyway I had no knowledge of this until after he singed

then his wife left the home saying she would return if he denied his daughter to me now his mum has forced him to swear on the Quran never to have a relationship with me he swore for fear she would disown him

I have been left to suffer in silence knowing I have done nothing wrong


Salamun Alaykum

The divorce is valid even though your husband may have done it reluctantly.
It appears that a large part of the problem is that your husband is not committed to you or your relationship.

This is an unfortunate and saddening situation. You deserve better than this and I pray that Allah opens another path for you soon Inshallah.

With kind regards