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Friendship with a boy for the sake of God


Respected Sir/Madam, I need your guidance. I am a highschool student and i like a boy its been 2 years and he likes me too. we are now good friends,he is from ahle-sunnah. He is a nice boy character ways but not religious coz of his home and social environment, trough my friendship with him i want to bring his heart towards God because i really like him. Is such friendship with a boy allowed for the sake of God? And to chat with him?


Alaykum Salaam

While this is a noble and commendable endeavour, and a duty, you have to be very careful not to exceed the bounds of Sharia when it comes to friendship with the opposite gender.

You have to candidly examine your actual intention; is it to guide him or be friends with him? The former is a good thing and the latter is problematic and not recommended because of the real danger of exceeding the bounds.

I would recommend that you put him in touch with another male figure who would befriend him and guide him. In the meanwhile keep a careful check on the bounds of sharia in any interaction you have.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer