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intentions that are permissible and sinful


If a scholar is sent a question that describes in graphic details sexual blasphemy. Normally his brain thinks what he is reading. What is it called in this case? thinking blasphemous things with the intention of answering a question or intention of preventing evil and spreading knowledge. Please clarify intentions that are permissible and sinful ones.also level of sin by intention.


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question. A professional, be the a scholar, psychiatrist, marriage councilor or even a friend of the parties concerned may be subject to the kind of details that you have mentioned. While his intention is to unravel the details for the purpose he has been charged with, there is no problem in his thinking about the issue as long as that does not entail sexual arousal. In fact, to give advice for most issues many details are not required and so they must also ask themselves if it is really necessary to know anything further. That is that his own desires must be completely under his control, even if that means taking a break and coming back to the issue when he has collected himself. This is the benchmark for these kinds of issues and that is down to the individual to judge his own parameters. If he cannot do that then he is not qualified to deal with such matters, as his imagination is overcoming his intellect, and should excuse himself until such time that he can develop his control. The reality of sexual blasphemy is extremely ugly and it is for the scholar especially to comprehend that.

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