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Insulting the Qur’an and Waswas



I am suffering from Waswas (whispers/doubts). In this state, many times you get thoughts you are supposed to ignore. However sometimes you get thoughts and feelings as a result of becoming desperate, tired or angry because of these state. Yesterday night, I was sitting wathcing TV. Suddenly I got a thought about insulting the Qur’an, which was probably a waswas. I become tired/desperate of this whisper, and as a result, I Intentionaly thought that I am now insulting Qur’an – I sort of brought that thought and feeling inside me. I really felt it was intentional, i.e bringing that thought and feeling within me with a sensible mind. I finished that thought and feeling in my mind without stopping it, until the ‘insult’ was done. But immediately after doing this, I felt guilty. I was depressed the whole evening. I cried and asked Allah (swt) to guide me. I was afraid of having commited Kufr. And as I said, this thought didn’t seem to be a waswas, but rather and intentional thought as a result of being desperate because of the waswas.

What do I do now? Is Tauba sufficient?


Salamun Alaykum

What you describe appears to be due to anxiety and depressive illness,
many times this can be helped by seeking professional help through your

Specifically to your question, sincere Tawba is enough, but make sure you
see your doctor.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer