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Inconsistency in recitation of a wazifa


I was doing a wazifa for my height growth. Its was reciting Allah’s name YAQAWIYYU and YAQADIRU 313 times after Fajr Prayer and Isha prayer. It was to be done for 3 months with full belief in it. But now tell me, day before yesterday I missed my Fajr prayer unintentionally, I don’t know why I fell asleep, so I missed reciting the zikr I was reciting . I felt very guilty and very dissapointed that now the wazifa would never work because I missed one Tasbeeh. I asked forgiveness from Allah that forgive me for it and accept my wazifa. Now my question is, If I miss this one Tasbeeh, should I continue my wazifa  because I asked forgiveness, or shall I restart again?


Waalaykum Al-Salam
Thank you for your question

At times things are out of our hands. like for your salat al-Fajr, you had no intentions of missing them but you did. Therefore, ask for forgiveness, do your Qadha salah and also recite the Tasbih.

And Allah knows best.