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income from shopping ads on articles is halal or haram


Assalam u alaikum please Please help me

1.question.? i am writing Health related article for websites and they giving me money according to my articles quality, articles views and for those who ads visible on my articles. But sometimes there are advertisements for Shopping Sites on my articles, and sometimes there are advertisements for any entertainment ads. so i want to know that money i got for my articles is halal or haram for me because sometimes they are showing shopping ads on my articles and sometimes they are showing entertainment ads on my articles

2.question.? The money I have, Halal and Haram are both money, but I do not know how much haram money I have, and how much halal money I have,but if i want to remove haraam money from my money so what should i do.


Waalaykum Salaam,

1. You are being paid for your article and not the ads so that is OK. (You can refer to link this for further reference: Money earned by google ad sense

2. If  you have earned Haram money and can not distinguish between the Haram and Halal amounts, then khums is to be paid on the entire amount once

Abbas Jaffer