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Namaz for Deceased


Islamic law: Q. When doing Namaze Walidain in between Magrib/Isha Namaz can I include my brother in it and how? Q. My brother had some kind of depression since he became Balig in high school. Do we need to do his qaza Namaz and Roza for all those year he was alive e.g 70 yrs? But in between he was sometime alright and used to even work but he did not believe in religion, we do not know how long he was alright on and off we were all very young do we need to do his qaza namaz and roza?


Waalaykum Salam.

1) As the name of this particular Salah suggests, it is meant for your parents. You cannot pray for someone other than them. However, you can certainly make dua for whoever you wish in the Qunoot of the second Rak’at.

2) it is wajib on the first son of the deceased to offer his father’s Qadhaa prayers, fasts, etc. Otherwise, it isn’t Wajib (obligatory) on the rest of the family members to do it. But if you wish to, you’re free to do it for as many years as you would like to.

May Allah forgive all our shortcomings and have special mercy on all of us, especially your Brother.

Kind regards,