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Sexual and blasphemous ocd


AsSalam o alaikum  I need some serious help regarding this issue. So let me start by this, Before 7 years Alhamdolillah I was able to do azadari , listen majlis Nauha, everything with proper mind, and I was very happy and felt spiritual calmness in myself  (as I was extra-ordinary sinful before : I didnt drink or commit shirk,you can imagine the lust in a teenager,that was my matter,so mostly my sins were relating to lust and desires)while reciting a nauha I suddenly started to get very very vulgar thoughts about Masoomeen (عليه السلام) ,believe me very vulgar.I tried to remove them but it seemed that it had been glued to my brain.I contact some Molana and they said me to recite LaHawla… and some other verses.but it didn’t provided mecomfort,I even faced a such in which I slammed my head to wall and punched myself.So the alim told me to indulge myself into other things like playing any sport etc by doing the niyyah of Qurbatillah.So this thing provided me comfort when I indulged myself into these things but,these thoughts attack me when I am listening a noha or majlis or anything related to 14 Masoomeen (عليه السلام),so after this I myself avoid to listen to Noha or Majlis or any other talk about Masoomeen (عليه السلام) fearing that the thoughts will come back and haunt me forever.I am very depressed and  after trying everything it seems that the thoughts are glued forever till when I am alive.Ifear that if I may die now what will happen to me in my grave,or how will I explain it to my Imam Mehdi A,S as He (عليه السلام) knows all about us. Btw my age is 26 Any help to remove these thoughts permanently will be highly appreciated Are these thoughts will be consider as sin????


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your question.
After reading your message the general conclusion I can
make is that Satan really wants to keep you away from the Masoom (as). Because it definitely has had a very good inner growth for you.
To solve your issue, apart from what others have suggested, one thing that I always insist on is to read about a particular Masoom (as) or  even better would be to read about usul al-Deen (when I say read, you must read very knowledgeable books that give your souls and brain extra info that you don’t already have). Reading will increase your knowledge. You will be able to see how high and lofty He (as) is. Once you get here you will fall in love with the Masoom (as) in a very different and unique way.
You will see them beyond this material world. You will be able to connect with them and will surely gain momentum as you keep on reading.
Once you get here there will be no thoughts to worry about InshaAllah.
Also, for fear that the thoughts will come back, you must fight them. You see the only solution for a fear is to face it and it becomes light  colored immediately. So force yourself to start thinking in a healthy way. (Think of a particular quality that you like about this particular imam (as)). If you feel  a bad thought just crossed your mind, pass by very quickly and redirect your thoughts.
It’s like a brain exercise.
One other thing that can help you would be to wear a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you think of Masoom (As) and trying to enjoy their “Dhikr” and, God forbid, a bad thought crosses by far, pull the band and snap it on your wrist. This action will send a message to your brain that it needs to keep away from this thought and retract!
I pray you’re able to our grow this.
I see a great lover of Imam Mahdi (as) in you. Make sure you hold conversations with him and also take a few mins every day to speak to Allah (swt).
InshaAllah you Will be successful
In my prayers,
Naajiya Jaffery