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The State of the Soul after Death


Assalam Aleikum, It is said that the Material Realm is the place where changes are possible & that the realms beyond this one lacks that quality. Then how is it that some souls which have not actualized their potentials to receive Divine Mercy travel from lower states to higher ones in the afterlife? because it is said that some souls will dwell in hell for a while then enter the garden, does this mean that Barzakh and what lies beyond are realms where potentials have the possibility to actualize too??


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. The two realms in which change is possible are the material and imaginal (barzakh) realms. Not only the material realm. As for the levels beyond the imaginal there is no agreement on whether change is possible or whether change occurs but with a different meaning from change in the material and imaginal realms. Movement in the barzakh is called as al-takamul al-barzakhi.

‘Abd Allah Esmail